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Emvelo Energy Solutions are SSEG experts

Emvelo Energy Solutions are acknowledged leaders in SSEG installation (Small Scale Embedded Generation)

Located on Residential, commercial or industrial sites, SSEG provides renewable power generation under 1 Megawatt.

It is important to understand that the SSEG installation is connected to the municipal electrical grid. Although it may supply this grid, subject to an approved tariff scheme, it is also supplied by the grid. It is therefore regarded as embedded.

This is very different to an off-grid system which uses backup batteries to store electrical energy generated by the PV Solar Panels. 

Emvelo Energy Solutions clients consume most of the electricity generated directly on-site, but where generation exceeds consumption, the excess flows back into the municipal electrical grid.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The objective is to reduce our clients' overall carbon footprint and cut energy costs utilizing Green technologies. 

We embrace the concept of sustainable management intended to optimize capital expenditure whilst minimizing operational cost. 

Each project or site presents unique energy requirements and requires site specific design solutions. Our design philosophy  is to integrate PV power generation systems into the building environment utilizing architectural and engineering principles. 

We use 3d visualization and CG simulation software for a clear visual communication process between our system designers and client, enabling a better understanding of the interface between the proposed renewable energy systems and the project environment. 

Generate Electricity using Nature

Our goal is to promote the benefits of renewable energy in business and embrace a sustainable synergy of generating electricity utilizing nature.